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Cruise Essentials

Updated: Feb 21

This post contains Affilate links. Mom in Style may make a small commisssion on you purchase through one of these links.

My family loves cruising! There is just something for everyone of all ages. While getting everyone and everything packed might be a challenge keeping your cabin tidy and organized will not be!

#1 Powerstrip. If you have ever cruised before you know there are never enough outlets! A powerstrip is a necessity! Tip: try to find one that also has ports for USBs! Ad

#2 Retractable Clothesline. I feel like with any vacation that involves kids and water I am always dealing with wet bathing suits and towels! A retractable clothesline will work anywhere you are vacationing but would be perfect in the bathroom of your cabin to hang wet bathing suits! Ad

#3 Collapsible Laundry Hamper. Like the bathing suit challenge above, keeping track of dirty clothes can also be a vacation challenge! Put 1 or 2 of these hampers in your closet to keep everyone's dirty clothing in one place! And because they are collapsible and super light weight you can put them right in your suitcase. Ad

#4 Magnetic Hooks. Fun fact - cruise cabin walls are made of metal! Use that vertical wall space for extra storage and organization. Use hooks for hats, bags, bathrobes or a hanging toiletry case. Tip: the ones linked here come in different colors so you could assign each family member their own color! Ad

#5 Magnetic clips. Use the metal cabin walls to control the paper cruise planners, shore excursion tickets and fliers that can clutter desk and counter space. Ad

#6 Small Toiletry Bags. I have my friend Katie to thank for this one! On a recent cruise she had a number of these for her toiletries and some first aid items. They fit perfectly in the cabin bathroom cabinet. Genius! Ad

#7 Luggage Tag Holders. Instead of wasting time before boarding trying to get everyone's luggage tags stapled or taped (if you remembered to pack a stapler or tape!) to their luggage, just slip the tag into reusable holders. Tip: cruise line luggage tags can vary slightly so make sure the holders you get are compatible with the line you are cruising on. Ad

#8 Room Key Holder. Your room key is needed to get around the boat and off and on the boat. A lanyard is a hands free way to always know where your key is. Must have for kids! Ad Another option is a holder for the back of your phone. Ad

#9 Waterproof Phone Pouch. My husband purchased one of these a few years ago. I thought it was ridiculous and risky. No way would this thing keep a cell phone dry. Amazingly it did! And he got some great shots underwater of my son snorkeling! We use them during the summer too to get get some great pool and ocean action shots! Ad

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